General Care and Maintenance

One of many advantages of CORKLINE® flooring lies in its simple maintenance. Since CORKLINE® floor coverings are made of natural materials (cork) combined with granular rubber-related special binders, they do not require complicated maintenance. Below we offer some tips that will help you maintain your new CORKLINE® floor and keep it in excellent condition for many years.


Things We Recommend

For regular cleaning of decks covered with CORKLINE®, we recommend clean water, natural soap and pH neutral cleaning agents for domestic use. Cleaning should be done by mopping the floor using mop with appropriate inserts (finer or coarser depending on the degree of pollution).

The best time to thoroughly clean the deck is upon returning to harbor. Smaller impurities resulting from spillage of various liquids should be cleaned immediately. Spilled wine, oil or any other similar liquids should be removed immediately using dry cloth and consequently washed with water. If more thorough cleaning is required, use a mild detergent.

To remove hard-core dirt, use mop with appropriate inserts, plain scrubber, a neutral detergent and water. Stubborn stains and/or mild mechanical damage should be removed from dry surface with sandpaper of higher granulation. In order to avoid damaging the decking surface (making the surface uneven), sanding should be done lightly. This very effective method will help you keep your floor clean for a long time.

Održavanje i čišćenje

Things We DO NOT Recommend

As with all other decking surfaces, we recommend wearing appropriate footwear when on board. Avoid spilling corrosive liquids (ea. oils, paints, solvents, paint, etc.) that can cause damage to floor surface. In the event that the spillage occurs, we recommend removing it immediately and, if necessary, rinsing the surface with water. Avoid damaging floor surface by dragging heavy furniture on it. Where possible, protect furniture legs with cloth pads. Never pull heavy objects across the floor surface. This can leave permanent marks and scratches on the surface of your floor.

Although CORKLINE® floor covering is self-extinguishing and flame resistant, we do not recommend placing hot metals and/or other hot items on its surface. Prolonged exposure to high temperature may cause local discoloration of the floor surface.