About us

In rather short time, company NAUTICLINE® has become recognized as qualitative and reliable partner in the field of production, sales and installation of interior and exterior nautical equipment. From the beginning, we became focused on development and production of innovative and quality products under our own brand names. Under main brand name NAUTICLINE® we have launched brands CORKLINE® and YACHTFOAM®, both being products of our own research and development.


CORKLINE® is high quality, technologically advanced product that combines the best properties of rubber and cork. By combining cork granules and rubber with special binders, we have designed high-quality floor covering suitable for installation on exterior and interior decks in almost all types of marine vessels, as well as for other applications in indoor and outdoor areas exposed to moisture.


YACHTFOAM® is innovative and highly decorative system that, due to its exceptional characteristics, modularity and universal application, presents ideal choice for high-quality wall and ceiling covering. It could be used in marine vessels and in other areas where highly decorative appearance and water resistance is required. It is available in white and in various other colors.

In addition to production and sales of finished products, to all our partners we are offering consulting services related to application of our products and systems, as well as their installation.

Our experienced and highly skilled sales and technical staff with many years of experience in application are always available to assist you in solving all possible problems and/or concerns you might have related to use of our products.

Hoping that you will recognize us as reliable partner we are looking forward to future cooperation.