Technical assortment

Technical assortment of Nautic Line includes:

  • Marine rubber profiles – we are able to offer fenders and capping rubber profiles from standard range as well as custom-make these products according to draft and/or samples and technical specifications;
  • Rubber and PVC pipes – a flexible pipes made from rubber, PVC or polyurethane for cold and hot water, air, steam, various types of fuels and lubricants, chemicals etc;
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation – we are offering a large number of foamy and homogeneous products for sound and thermal insulation. Insulating materials are especially important for application in the engine rooms because of the noisy and high temperature environment;
  • Technical rubber rolls and sheets – depending on its structure rubber is characterized by the resistance to water, weathering, ozone, chemicals, fuels and lubricants. Because of resistance to fuels, lubricants and chemicals and because of slip resistance it is particularly suitable for use in ship engine rooms;
  • Gaskets – gasket materials which we are offering are resistant to water, steam, inert gases, fuels, lubricants and chemicals. We are able to make gaskets according to the technical specifications, drawings and/or samples;
  • Gland packings – packings from our offer are resistant to high temperatures, pressure and the influence of aggressive media and are widely used in various types of sealing;
  • Wide range of other technical products made from rubber.